Artisan DIY Cheese Making Flora Danica Aromatic Mesophilic Cheese Cultures 3 Pack


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Aromatic Mesophilic is a freeze dried multiple mixed strain culture containing Lactoccus lastis subsp. Cremoris, Lactoccus lactis subsp. Lactis, Leuconostoc mesenteriodes subsp. Cremoris and Lactoccus lactis subsp. Diacetylactis.

Aromatic Mesophillic is a gas producing culture, where little air pockets will be observed in the cheese. If gas is not desired, then use the Mesophillic Culture.

Each sachet contains enough culture for 8 Litres (2 US Gal.) of milk. All cultures contains a small amount of dairy. Activity = 2.4 U.

For the best results, stir sachet content directly into 8 litres (2 US Gal.) of milk at the time and temperature stated in your recipe.

Shelf life is 24 months when stored in freezer. This culture lasts out of the freezer (at room temperature) for 3 months so will be fine during postage. However, we suggest storing cultures in the freezer as soon as you get them in order to prolong the life of the culture.

You may notice that in some of our recipes this culture is called Flora Danica. Aromatic Mesophilic is the new name for our Flora Danica culture.

This can be used for mould ripened cheeses plus the blue or white mould that is needed and also some hard cheese such as Cheddar, Caerphilly, Gouda and Colby.

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