Fresh AMARILLO Hop Pellets For Making Home Brewed Craft Beer 1 oz Package


Amarillo hops originated in the U.S. and brings a relatively high alpha acid kick to the table ranging from 9% to 11%. This particular variety is packed with citrus aroma and flavor making it a great dual purpose hops. The myrcene oil content within the cone is some of the highest, and this explains its grapefruit and orange flavor. This myrcene level can also contribute a metallic flavor to the beer if used in abundance.

Aroma: Floral, Tropical & Citrus
Brewing Usage: Dual Purpose
Alpha Acids: 8.0-11.0%
Beta Acids: 6.0-7.0%

Common Beer Styles:

American Pale Ale
American India Pale Ale
American Wheat

Simi Valley Home Brew stocks only the freshest hops which are all stored in the freezer in airtight containers! We have over 60 varieties in stock in our shop, so if there is something you need and don't see, ASK! We are here to make your craft brews great!

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