All Natural Raw English Maris Otter Brewing Malt For Home Brewing 1 Pound


Maris Otter is a base malt produced by Crisp, Simpsons, and Munton's malting groups (among others) in the UK. The name comes from the special Maris Otter strain of barley that was developed by Cambridge University and first planted in the 1950s.
Maris Otter is a bit more 'rich' than the standard 2-Row Pale malts and is best suited for any beer that is not particularly light in color and body.
That being said, it's still pretty light at between 3 and 5 Lovibond (some maltsters kiln Maris Otter a bit higher than others.)
It is interesting to note that, at least at Munton's, Maris Otter is still kilned then dried and raked by hand on large floors in the malt works, just like in the old days.

Typical Use : Base Malt
Lovibond : 28 to 33L
Flavor/Aroma : Base Malt Flavor, slightly more roast/bread than Pale
Styles : English Ales, ESB, Mild, Pale/IPA, Stout, Porter

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