All Natural Raw Carapils Dextrine Brewers Grain Adjuncts For Home Beer Brewing 1 Pound


Carapils (or Cara-pils, according to who the maltser is) is a type of malt in a family of 'Cara' malts that are manufactured with a modified kilning process to produce, among other products, an unfermentable carbohydrate chain called dextrin. Dextrin is an unfermentable carbohydrate that adds mouthfeel and foam stability to a finished beer when employed in reasonably small amounts. Carapils is so-name becasue the base malt and kilning style is the same as that of a light, pilsner malt.

Typical Use : Adjunct
Lovibond : 1.5 Lovibond
Origination : USA
Flavor/Aroma : none really
Styles : Any style that could use improved head-retention and mouthfeel

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