Artisan DIY Cheese Making "Fresh" Mother Culture- Recultureable


Used in producing Cottage Cheese, Pot Cheese, Neufchatel and other soft cheeses. It comes in one package and a mother culture must be incubated.

CULTURE INCLUDES: Lactose, (LL) lactococcus lactis subsp. lactis, (LLC) lactococcus lactis subsp. cremoris, (LLD) lactococcus lactis subsp. biovar diacetylactis, (LMC) leuconostoc mesenteroides subsp. cremoris

YIELD: Each packet will make 1 quart of prepared culture.

DIRECTIONS: To 1qt sterilized milk cooled to 86ºF, add 1 packet, mix, and let set undisturbed 12-15 hours. Use within one week. Freeze any culture that will not be used in one week in ice cube trays. To reculture: to 1 qt sterilized milk, cooled to 76F, add 1 cube of prepared starter and repeat process given above.

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