Fresh CASCADE Leaf Hops For Making Home Brewed Craft Beer 1 oz Package


Cascade is a variety of hop developed in the U.S.D.A. breeding program in Oregon at Oregon State University and released as a U.S. aroma variety in 1971. It originated from an open seed collection in 1956 including an English Fuggle, a Russian Serebrianker hop, and an unknown male. In addition to appealing flavor qualities, researchers were looking for resistance to downy mildew, a threat to hop yards. Cascade was named after the Cascade mountain range that runs through the states of Washington and Oregon. Cascade hops are the most widely used hops by craft breweries in the USA.

Aroma: Medium Intensity, Floral, Citrus, Grapefruit
Brewing Usage: Aroma Hops
Alpha Acids: 4.5-7.0%
Beta Acids: 4.5-7.0%

Common Beer Styles:

Pale Ale
Strong Ale
India Pale Ale
American Pale Ale
Blonde Ale
Barley Wine
American Hefewizen
Fruit Wheat
Amber Ale
Red Ale
Golden Ale

Commercial Examples:

Sierra Nevada Pale Ale

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