Fresh Australian PRIDE OF RINGWOOD Hop Pellets For Making Home Brewed Craft Beer 1 oz Package


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Pride of Ringwood is considered a bittering variety although it carries favorable aromatic qualities. The alpha acid content rings in at 7.0%-10.5% and is a dominating force in the Ales and Lagers from the region. The aroma of Pride of Ringwood can be described as having a spicy kick with essence of citrus and fruit-like tones. The aroma is strong yet delectable, and will be very noticeable in late additions.

Aroma: Spicy, and noticeable citrus tones
Brewing Usage: Bittering or late additions
Alpha Acids: 9.0%
Beta Acids: 5.0%

Common Beer Styles:

Amber Ale
Fruit Lambic
Pale Ale
Australian Lager
Strong Ale
Golden Ale
American Pale Ale

Simi Valley Home Brew stocks only the freshest hops which are all stored in the freezer in airtight containers! We have over 60 varieties in stock in our shop, so if there is something you need and don't see, ASK! We are here to make your craft brews great!

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