ZEUS CTZ Hop Pellets For Making Home Brewed Craft Beer 1 oz Package


Description: It is the Z part of CTZ (Columbus/Tomahawk/Zeus). Although it is a completely different variety all together. Where Columbus and Tomahawk can be dank onion and garlicky, Zeus has an intensely pungent piney resinous character with an underlying faint herbal citrus note. It is considered one of the American Super Alpha hops and used primarily for bittering (like in Stone Brewing Beers), although several “all Zeus” IPA’s have come out in recent years including a Sam Adams Deconstructed Latitude 48 Zeus IPA.

Typical Beer Styles: US IPA, APA, Stout, Barley Wine and almost any ale style if used just for bittering.

Possible Substitutions: Chinook, Columbus, Apollo

Origin US
Typical Alpha Acid: 14-17%

Brewing Usage: Bittering Hops
Alpha Acids:14.5%
Beta Acids: 4.7%

Common Beer Styles:

IPA's, Double IPA's, Barleywine, Stouts

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