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What is lipase?

Lipase (pronounced lie-paze) is one of at least 60 enzymes living in real milk. (The exact amount of lipase in the milk depends on the breed of animal and their diet.) Each enzyme has it's own specific function. Lipase enzymes attack the fat globules and break them down. This releases free fatty acids. When this happens the way it is supposed to, during the ripening of the cheese, it gradually increases the "picante" flavor of the cheese. It also makes the texture smooth and velvety.

How do I know when to use it?

These are the main reasons to use it:

1. If you are using pasteurized milk.

2. If you are using cow's milk to make a cheese that is traditionally made with goat's milk (like Feta).

3. If you want any cheese you are making to be more flavorful.

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