Gluten Free Real Sourdough Bread Starter Culture Kit Non-GMO Make Fresh Bread at Home!


Gluten-free sourdough bread and other wonderful baked goods are within reach! Use our Gluten-free Sourdough Starter today and enjoy gluten-free bread, rolls, muffins, and more!

Each box contains 1 packet of dehydrated Sourdough Starter Culture made from brown rice.
Store in a cool, dry place until ready to activate.
Activate using brown rice flour and unchlorinated, unfluoridated water (bottled spring water).
Sourdough starters culture at room temperature, 70º-85ºF.
Once activated, feed your starter using 1 part starter, 1 part water, and 1 part flour daily for frequent use or weekly, if baking infrequently.

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