Organic Live Kombucha Scoby Culture with a Strong Starter Tea - All Fresh and Natural


Organic Live Kombucha Scoby Culture w/ STRONG STARTER TEA

Our kombucha SCOBY are carefully handled to produce healthy and fresh batch of kombucha for your brewing.


1 Organic Kombucha Scoby (3.5" in diameter)
1/4 Cup strong starter tea (made with organic green/black tea and organic cane sugar)

Detailed instructions

ABOUT THE SCOBY: Each kombucha scoby are approximately 3" in diameter, ranging in thickness, but about 1/4" on average. This culture is great for small or large vessels. The cultures have been raised on organic green/black tea and organic cane sugar.

SHIPPING: The culture will arrive in a heat-sealed bag with the starter tea, safely packaged to maintain temperature and prevent damage. Upon arrival, relocate the scoby into a clean jar along with tea, sugar, and allow your new friend to breathe, covering with a coffee filter or piece of muslin and securing with a tight rubber band.

INTEGRITY: All kombucha scoby cultures were handled in a sanitized commercial kitchen for your safety. Each scoby is stored in glass containers. We exercise great care in our process, using only the cleanest growing procedures and the best ingredients. All cultures are made with organic ingredients only in a meticulously clean environment.

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