Fresh Herkules Hop Pellets For Making Home Brewed Craft Beer 1 oz Package


Cross between Hallertau Taurus and a powdery mildew resistant Hull male breeding line

Brewing Usage

Spicy, floral and hop notes with hints of pine, black pepper and melon

Typical Beer Styles
German-style Ales

Additional Information
Bred at the Hop Research Center in Hull, Germany and released in 2005

Alpha Acids
12.0 - 17.0%

Beta Acids
4.0 - 5.5%

32 - 38%

Total Oil
1.6 - 2.4 mL / 100g

30 - 50% of total oil

30 - 45% of total oil

7 - 12% of total oil

< 1% of total oil

General Trade Perception
Imparts robust, hoppy tang flavors

1 OZ Pellets

Simi Valley Home Brew stocks only the freshest hops which are all stored in the freezer in airtight containers! We have over 60 varieties in stock in our shop, so if there is something you need and don't see, ASK! We are here to make your craft brews great!

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